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At Joe Hoffman Electric, your residential electrical repairs are our challenge that we take on with great fervor. As one of Missoula’s leading electricians, we have yet to come across a client’s electrical problems that we could not fix in a timely and professional manner. We understand how valuable your time and money is to you, so we respect your needs by providing excellent residential electrical services from the onset of any relationship.

Experienced Residential Electrical Specialists

Power is not a luxury, it is a necessary resource that we all need so that we can manage our busy lives, take care of our families, get to work on time, and get things done. Our goal at Joe Hoffman Electric is to create long-term, lasting relationships with all of our customers. That means you never have to worry when your electrical goes haywire for any reason. We understand how time sensitive your projects can be whether from power outages or short-term remodels that have a deadline.

Do you have some outdated wiring in your home? Are you concerned about electrical failures or fires? Did you recently buy an older home with hazardous electrical outlets in the kitchen? Are you remodeling or upgrading your house to be ‘smart house’ compatible with cameras and audio/video? Do you need a new electrical panel or breakers? Are you wishing to upgrade lighting with sconces or recessed overhead lighting? With years of experience in our toolbox, we at Joe Hoffman Electric are not daunted or intimidated by any problem. We work hard to get your home up to code quickly and affordably.

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From challenges like rewiring old fuse boxes, power meters, or electrical panel repairs or replacement, to installing water heaters and furnaces, or installing new electrical wiring throughout your house or in a remodel or renovation project, electrical problems can wreak havoc in your life. Whether you need some new wiring in your garage, updated WI-FI and data ports installed, a new hot tub pool or sauna rewired, or smart home tech installed throughout your home, electrical upgrades are often necessary to get a home up to code quickly.

It can be difficult to know how to fix a problem when it arises. Power outages and downtime in electrical service in your home can lead to missed work, upsets to daily routine, and can also be a hazard to your health if faulty wiring is involved. And electrical problems can affect everything in your house. They are hard to track down if there’s a broken connection in the walls or in a panel. Sometimes there is no easy fix. Chasing down an electrical problem can open a Pandora’s box of other problems and take significant time to repair.

From indoor and outdoor lighting, to air conditioning, to new kitchen and bath wiring including GFI circuits, at Joe Hoffman Electric, all of our work is code compliant and certified. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and our 5-star ratings on social media have been earned through courteous, timely, responsive, and professional residential electric success during our years of serving folks in the Missoula, MT area. We guarantee our work will not only satisfy the job, it will exceed your expectations. Imagine never having to worry about what company to call again. Joe Hoffman Electric has the experience and equipment to solve almost any electrical need or problem.

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Doing Some Home Renovations or Remodeling?

Are you considering adding onto your house? Are you building a new house? Are you knocking down a few walls and wanting to upgrade all your outlets and switches with more modern fixtures? Do you have design ideas for new lighting for your home? Are you adding a deck complete with hot tub and sauna and you need the area well lit and the power to the new luxuries installed?

Do you have a garage project that requires updating of a panel, new service added, or power capacity expanded? Are you buying an older house and you need all the electrical wiring checked before you purchase? Are you trying to chase down a mysterious faulty wire by using a voltmeter, but you can’t seem to locate the problem yourself? Are you experiencing a short in electrical somewhere in your house that is leaving you without power in certain rooms or in specific outlets?

Household electrical wiring can be so difficult to handle yourself. While it may be tempting to try to install that ceiling fan or fix a blown fuse yourself, wouldn’t you feel safer in the hands of a certified professional? We always recommend that you reach out to ask us about these problems first to see what can be done to diagnose the issues correctly.

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Services For Every Residential Electrical Need

So many folks try to handle difficult electrical problems in their homes due to fear of not being able to find a reliable and professional electrician locally. For the safety and security of your health and the integrity of your home, calling in a professional to get advice, solutions, or repair is always preferable to trying to fix something yourself.

At Joe Hoffman Electric, our rates are surprisingly affordable and competitive, so we encourage you to reach out for jobs both small and large. Don’t risk the hazards to yourself and your home by trying to accomplish electrical tasks on your own. As people try to duplicate results they see on TV, electrical accidents are becoming more and more common. We at Joe Hoffman Electric would like to see your lighting and electrical installed safely, up to code, and perfectly from the get-go.

We want to ensure that your electrical projects are done on time, up-to-code, and installed to perfection the first time so that your home stays free of issues, fires, or broken wiring. Though Montana code is not as strict as other states such as California, we at Joe Hoffman Electric stay abreast of code requirements and updates to MT state law annually. Our journeymen are incredibly knowledgeable and highly skilled.

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Hiring a qualified electrician can be stressful and difficult. Not only are there dozens of listings online for local residential electricians, but knowing which one to trust can be hard. There are so many companies that promise the moon but are unable to handle the jobs in a timely manner professionally.

A good electrician will know how to diagnose a problem or design a plan to upgrade your power service in your home. No matter what you may need, you should be able to rely on an experienced electrical company to repair, replace, restore, and renovate any or all of your electrical in your home.

We at Joe Hoffman Electric proudly serve Missoula, MT and can’t wait to include you in our client family. Let us relieve you of stress, worry, hassle, and doubt by hiring us to work on your next home improvement or wiring failure. It is our pleasure to illuminate your world with our excellent work and service. Call us for a free quote today! 406.214.9684.

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