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At Joe Hoffman Electric, we value our Montana community and the work that is done in the agricultural industry to bring a high quality of life to Montana families. We have worked hard over the years to build strong relationships with the most prominent agricultural businesses in our area so that we may provide all the industrial electrical services to support them. Falling mostly within the AG industry, our electrical installations are highly professional, technologically advanced, and cutting edge.

Experienced Industrial Electrical Specialists

From the design process to installation to maintenance phases of electrical services, we at Joe Hoffman pride ourselves on high-quality service and parts. Our innovative techniques are helping our Montana AG industries to grow, to adhere to Montana state codes, and to fulfill the needs of their customers. Both small and large-scale electrical systems are available with Joe Hoffman electric, and we excel at any size project we undertake.

Joe Hoffman Electric values your business. So we work hard to fulfill your every power need, no matter what the industry. It is our quest to be the best in the business, so we always make it a point to go above and beyond all expectations when we take on a client’s needs. So you can trust that when you call on us at Joe Hoffman Electric, we will never let you down. We have hundreds if not thousands of satisfied customers to date. We promise to offer you only our best. We guarantee it.

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When your company, organization, or farm needs excellence from your electrical contractor, you can rely on Joe Hoffman Electric to provide services custom-made to fit your needs. We specialize in installing, testing, troubleshooting, and maintaining electrical equipment, power, and associated electrical controls for factories, plants, farms, and processing warehouses all over the state, but focusing on the Missoula, MT area. Our clients include small and large farms, food processing plants, meat packers, food preparation, packaging plants, and much more.

We regularly visit job sites, upgrade electrical equipment that is failing, remodel and renovate existing electrical systems, and install new electrical for start-up factories and farms. We have seen firsthand how important these businesses are to supporting Montana industry and commerce while supporting communities and families with the freshest, Montana-grown food and supplies that we have all come to appreciate and value.

We at Joe Hoffman Electric are considered all across Montana to be one of the leading certified industrial electrical installation companies in the area. So we stay up to date on new technology, innovations in high-end electrical, and state-of-the-art systems to help any agricultural business get the most out of its power. We also handle emergencies such as power failures and interruptions to electrical service with the utmost speed and efficiency. We know how costly and difficult of a burden it can be on the entire economy of the state when things go wrong, so we stay on top of the needs of every client with which we work.

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Doing Some Industrial Renovations or Remodeling?

There is an ever-changing technical landscape that drives every modern business. Not only does making improvements save money in the long term, but it also takes a load off the grid power systems on which we all rely. Staying current with new technology, solar upgrades, evacuated hot water tubes, windmills, and rain capture systems can truly assist AG businesses to save money and become more competitive in this ever-changing landscape. We at Joe Hoffman Electric have trained and studied myriad new systems and continue to stay abreast of all the new technology and how to get the most out of it.

From using deep-cycle-battery-back-up systems to installing off the grid systems, our goal is to help our Montana AG businesses run without fail every day. Electrical failures mean loss of business, loss of revenue, and inevitable stress on the individual business and their customers. In such a competitive world, no one can afford power failures. So we at Joe Hoffman endeavor to design and install the latest and greatest equipment to ensure smooth operation for every customer.

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Services For Every Industrial Electrical Need

Do you have a family-owned and operated farm that is suffering from old and outdated equipment and electrical systems? Do you have frequent malfunctions that cost your operation both time and money annually? Does your factory go down regularly due to lost power, mysterious power outages, and broken electrical gear? Are you concerned about the high cost of upgrading your electrical because you are already suffering in such a competitive environment?

We at Joe Hoffman Electric feel your pain. Your fears and worries are valid. With so many factories and farms going bankrupt or being absorbed by larger industrial corporations, it is difficult to know at what point it is better to hobble along with your current systems risking failures and missed deadlines due to power outages, or go all-in by upgrading current systems to be more in line with modern facilities and current technology. We at Joe Hoffman Electric are the most competitive electrical contractors in the state, and it is our charge to help you install the best, the most up-to-date systems, while not breaking your bank in the meantime.

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We at Joe Hoffman Electric know how stressful it can be to face either spending money and time on upgrading your electrical or suffering inevitable losses from power failures. That is why we offer a no-obligation, free quote before you even get started on making changes to your electrical systems. When you contact us, we will come out, inspect your current systems, weigh the pros and cons with you on what you can afford to upgrade, and recommend ways to save you time, money, stress, and ultimately power.

Our recommendations will always be based on your needs first. We will never try to sell you on unnecessary upgrades or installations. We know how delicate a balance it can be to run and operate an industrial business, so we are sensitive to all the things you juggle.

At Joe Hoffman Electric, we believe that you can benefit from having a power partner for life. For the health of your business, the streamlining of your power, and for the benefit to your customers, we hope you choose us as that partner. We rely on excellent word of mouth, repeat clients, and long-term client relationships, so we focus on excellence from the beginning of any new endeavor.

We know it is not easy to find a reputable, skilled, highly-responsive, and reliable electrician in Montana. It seems that so many of our clients have stories of past relationships with electricians that left jobs undone, stalled on finishing projects while other clients were served instead, or commercial or industrial projects that were not installed and completed properly, resulting in lost time, lost money and lost customers. Let us restore your faith and your power. At Joe Hoffman Electric, we know it’s important to earn your trust, so we will always go the extra mile to do just that. We promise. Call us today for your appointment for a free quote! (406) 214-9684

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