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When it comes to fixing a blown fuse, or chasing down a short in the wiring in the walls in your home or office, electrical issues are just not something you can safely do yourself. Trying to repair, modify, or upgrade electrical on your own can be dangerous to you, hazardous to the structure itself, and can open a Pandora’s Box of issues which can cost thousands of dollars to mitigate. When it comes to electrical repair and installation, it is not only highly recommended, but it is required by Montana State code to bring in the professionals to help. That is when Joe Hoffman Electric is there for you.

Experienced Electrical Specialists

Located in Missoula, MT, Joe Hoffman Electric is one of the leading, fully licensed electrical professionals in the area and your go-to source for excellent electrical services. Joe Hoffman Electric specializes in residential and commercial repairs and installations ranging from small problems to big projects. Whether you need a fuse box repair or you want to install state-of-the art “smart home” digital automation in your new home, Joe Hoffman Electric can do it all. From small home renovations to large industrial AG projects, Joe Hoffman Electric handles the hardest, most critical electrical requirements for your home, business, or farm.

When you call on licensed specialists such as Joe Hoffman Electric, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be executed and certified perfectly to state and local codes every time. And once you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about electrical problems ever again. At JHE, we focus our work on building long-term partnerships with our clients and our repeat business shows that our efforts are successful. Year after year, you can rely on us to help you with all of your electrical needs.

Throw out the duct tape and turn off the YouTube do-it-yourself videos and look to Joe Hoffman Electric to solve your electrical crisis, upgrade your home or office wiring, or remodel your dream vacation home away from home. Combining years of experience with our unparalleled dedication to excellent customer service makes Joe Hoffman Electric the perfect choice for you.

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Hire a Residential Electrician in Missoula Today

Are you looking for a superior, licensed electrician for your residential project? Do you need an emergency electrical issue to be resolved? Are you building a brand new vacation home? Or perhaps are you trying to choose the right electrician to help with a remodel or digital upgrade?

Joe Hoffman Electric can fulfill your every residential electrical need from new installation to old wiring repairs. No job is too small or large for us and we treat each project with the personalized attention and respect that it deserves.

At Joe Hoffman Electric, our goal is to provide you with the best electrical services in the Missoula, MT area. Our high-quality work exceeds even the highest of standards of other journeymen in the state. Your project is our endeavor in excellence.

If you don’t see what you need on our list above, please check out the Services Page on this website for a complete guide of services. Are you unsure about what you may need? Are you puzzled by an electrical mystery? Give us a call! 406.214.9684.

Residential Electrician

Our Popular Residential Electrical Services

Here are just a few of our services:

  • Old Fuse Box/Power Meter/Electrical Panel Repair or Replacement
  • Water Heater, Furnace, & A/C Wiring
  • Motor Control Systems
  • Backup Generator Wiring
  • Wiring or Wireless Installation for Phone, CATV, Data, Audio/Visual
  • Shop & Garage Wiring
  • Hot Tub, Pool, & Sauna Wiring (code compliant, shock protection, GFI circuits)
  • Kitchen & Bath Wiring (code compliant, shock protection, GFI circuits)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Light Wiring (Including underground electric circuits)

Need a Commercial Electrician in Missoula?

Are you looking for an exceptional, licensed electrician for your commercial project? Perhaps you are building a new subdivision, apartment building, or office space? Maybe you are trying to find the best electrician to help with a renovation or underground for new construction? Joe Hoffman Electric is one of the leaders in electrical installation excellence serving Missoula, MT and the surrounding areas.

Our certified electricians cover the entire state of Montana, though primarily in and around the Missoula area. Joe Hoffman Electric can tackle projects ranging from single commercial buildings to huge malls, office subdivisions, and commercial businesses of all sizes. Our services are unrivaled in performance and quality, so you can trust us to expertly handle all your commercial electrical needs.

Do you have a repair need that is not on our list? Check out the Services Page for a complete guide of services. Are you uncertain about the scope of your project? Are you just in need of some expert guidance before you make decisions? Give us a call! 406.214.9684.

Commercial Services

Our Popular Commercial Electrical Services

Here are just a few of our services:

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Underground
  • New Construction
  • New Installations
  • Remodels
  • Additions
  • Upgrades
  • Service or Repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Design Build
  • Digital Signage
  • Lighting Control
  • Solar Systems
  • Network & Telephone Installation
  • Conference Room Audio/Video

Missoula Industrial Electric Contractors

Do you need an industrial electrical contractor? Joe Hoffman Electric works with businesses looking to contract out the design and installation of large-scale electrical systems. Our contract work is extremely high quality and innovative. We stay abreast of cutting-edge technology and provide state-of-the-art system installation. The key areas we contract out are for are design, installation, and maintenance.

For years, we at JHE have been focused on building rock solid relationships with some of Western Montana’s most prominent businesses, with a specialty on high quality electrical work in the AG industry. Joe Hoffman Electric appreciates and recognizes the importance of the agriculture industry in Montana and we work closely with these businesses to illuminate the world of AG industry in Montana. Much of Montana is relied upon for its farming and agriculture. The success of local farm efforts in and around Missoula is one of the largest contributors to quality of life for Montanans around the state. And we love to support these businesses so that they can support you.

When any major disaster hits a food source or system, the entire infrastructure of the flow of food comes to a halt. Consistent and reliable power is the main way our agriculture can exist in such a dynamic climate system. From swinging temperatures both to hot and cold, to high wind, to precipitation of every kind, including hail, snow, sleet, rain, and drought, Montanans are acutely aware of the importance of safe, reliable sources of power. We at Joe Hoffman Electric take that charge quite seriously. We are poised and ready to jump at the first sign of large-scale power failures. Since we only install the highest quality parts and provide the best comprehensive services, we will keep your electrical current, so to speak, so that you can rely on the systems that provide our food and thusly our quality of life in this beautiful state. We are proud to serve Montana and its residents. And we hope to serve you, too!

Industrial Services

Missoula’s Top Electrical Contractors

We at Joe Hoffman Electric know first hand how frustrating an electrical problem can be in your home or office. You rely on properly functioning and well-lit rooms and offices for your work, food preparation, family time, and home maintenance. When a problem arises, we at JHE know how important it is to get it assessed and repaired immediately for your quality of life to resume.

When you are planning a huge remodel or renovation, or buying or selling a home, we at Joe Hoffman Electric understand how much pressure and stress can go hand-in-hand with the excitement of seeing the project to completion. Along with being aware of your stress, we at JHE also understand the significant investment of time and money involved in home improvement.

All of these considerations are at the forefront of our minds when we take on your home, office, or industrial electrical challenges. Your safety, your satisfaction, and your quality of life are what we aim to support with our electrical services. Joe Hoffman Electric is your partner in every electrical endeavor. When you choose JHE as your electrical specialist, you can relax, and leave the worrying to us. As one of Missoula’s top electrical contractors, we are on the job and ready to show you what we have to offer!

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Doing Some Home Renovations or Remodeling?

Tired of the overhead lighting in your home or office? Are you looking to install sconces, recessed, or dimmable lighting? Are you adding a room onto your home? Or perhaps renovating to upgrade your home to resell as fully remodeled? Or do you want to fix troublesome lighting and wiring problems throughout your house?

In the modern world of Home Improvement and DIY, it is understood that almost every home could benefit from some remodeling or renovation of some kind either to get it up to code, style, or comfort level. HGTV Television shows such as The Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, Good Bones, and Rehab Addict have popularized the art of the home makeover to the point that in order to have a home that is competitive and in current trend or style, one must invest in bringing a home up-to-date.

Whether blowing out walls to create open sight lines, raising ceilings for that vaulted, open feel, or adding onto smaller houses on postage stamp lots to really get the most out of the acreage, we at Joe Hoffman Electric have seen it all from new construction to complete overhauls. We really sink our teeth in to devour home reno projects with tight deadlines and budgets alike. We at JHE stay on top of current styles and trends and offer not only the highest quality parts and accessories, but also the highest standard in installation. No matter the scope of your DIY dream, Joe Hoffman Electric can fulfill your every wish.

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Partnering with one of the best, local electrical service specialists such as Joe Hoffman Electric will offer you the peace of mind you deserve when taking on any minor or major electrical issue either in your home or business venture. We at Joe Hoffman Electric guarantee that you will be overjoyed with our work. We are so certain that we are the best professionals to solve all your electrical quandaries that we offer a no obligation, free assessment before you even have to make any other decisions.

Contact us today and let us treat you to a worry-free relationship from start to finish. Joe Hoffman Electric will not only get the job done, we will get it done on time, up to code, and to exact specification. And with our free consultation and quote, what do you have to lose? Call us at 406.214.9684 and let us show you why we are the leaders in electrical services in the Missoula, MT area.

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